In mid October, 1944 , we once again loaded up some LSTs and headed for the P.I.  About 3 days later we landed on Leyte beach and there we sat for 6 weeks spinning our wheels.  There were no air strips available for out Aircraft.  During that time we sat out a typhoon with 90 mph winds that flattened every tent in the area - except ours and 3 others, which had been framed.  We sweated out a jap paratroop landing on an airstrip a mile inland from our camp.  Nobody got any sleep that night, but the Infantry made short work of them come daylight.  I spent about a week in the hospital with my second bout of Dengue Fever, and shed another 15 lbs.  For Christmas dinner we had canned turkey.  Oh yes, during those 6 weeks we got our first issue of BEER.  I guess after 3 years they figured we had earned a free beer.  

 Jack Heyn