I recently made inquiries regarding the depicting of OSCAR during the Korean War after seeing the B-26 at the  Hill Aerospace Museum  With the help of Charles Hinton & Joe Stroud, it was explained that in Korea OSCAR was shown in a standing position and facing the tail of the aircraft. The photos below were sent by Chrly Hinton with an explanation for each of them.


Here are some photos of Oscar during the Korean War.  (1) The Oscar of Able with all the dots on the nose are dots of mud from flying too low into a rocket blast. (2) The black bar across the 1952 Oscar of Queen is a shadow from the prop.  In December and January of 52 they painted a back ground white spot on the new B-26 acquisitions and made a small template with Oscar that fit over the white background.  I don't remember that they ever got any color onto them. (3) The Oscar on The 7th Chadwick was a one of a kind effort by gunner Brooks - who was the unofficial squadron artist.  Actually he was the official squadron artist. (4) OSCAR 1950. (5) Oscar on the tail of a derelict, about 1954.