This map shows the campaigns of the XIV Corps of 11th Airborne Division, 158th Regiment Combat Team and 1st Cavalry Division in Southern Luzon, Philippines on March 4 - April 11, 1945.  It is becoming increasingly clear that the date of the video is April 11, 1945 .


The video shows elements of the 11th Airborne Division & 1st Cavalry Division directing air strikes by the 3rd Attack Group during April 1945 in Southeast Luzon.

This example of a tactical Sixth Army leaflet was prepared to be used against the Japanese defenders of Mt. Malepunyo. It depicts the Japanese in a box and clearly surrounded. Some of the text is:


This is the position of the Fuji Heidan on Southern Luzon. There is no safe place where you can retreat. We have prepared receiving stations for Japanese prisoners who are crossing our lines. You can stay in your isolated positions or you can come over to us and live…

By December 1944 the unit known as the Fuji Heidan consisted of about 6,000 troops under the command of Colonel Masatoshi Fujishige. This unit was “hard Corps” and the Colonel is known to have told his troops, “Kill American troops cruelly. Do not kill them with one stroke. Shoot guerrillas. Kill all who oppose the Emperor, even women and children.” Since the leaflet mentions Mt. Malepunyo we can pinpoint its use to about the second week of April of 1945.

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Pasaleng Bay  Luzon Island - Fold3.Com

Parafrag Bombs over Luzon -  Fold3.Com

A-20s over Luzon -  Fold3.Com

Lipa Airfield -  Fold3.Com

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Cavite, Luzon -  Fold3.Com

 Ipo Dam   May 1945  -  Fold3.Com

 Mt. Bilbil near Baguio - Fold3.Com

 Coastal Gun Emplacement On Luzon - Fold3.Com

 Pagsanjan, Laguna  - Ernest Santariello Collection

 Pagsanjan, Laguna  - Ernest Santariello Collection

 Quenca, Batangas  - Ernest Santariello Collection

Quenca, Batangas  - Ernest Santariello Collection

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