Gen. Ralph Royce - Mission Commander














M/Sgt. Firman S. Adams - Line Chief

 B-25C 41-12483

 (P) Lt. Col. John H. Davies

(CP) 1st Lt. James B. McAfee

        (B) Ronald D. Hubbard / 1st Lt. James B. McAfee


(N) Lt. William C. Clapp / (B) Capt. Ronald D. Hubbard / (E) T/Sgt. Young / (G) Cpl. Robert M. Newman / (G) Sgt. Hayes

 B-25C  41-12480

(P) 1st Lt. Robert F. Strickland

(CP) Maj. William G. Hipps

 (B) T/Sgt. George H. Bengel


(N) Lt. Brindel  19th BG / (B) T/Sgt. George H. Bengel / (E) S/Sgt. William R. Crutchfield / (G) Sgt. Kenneth A. Cooper / (G) Pfc. Arthur J. White

B-25C 41-12485

(P) Capt. Paul I. Gunn via Frank Patnaude

(CP) 1st Lt. Frank Bender via Edward Rogers

(E) Midgett  (Probably Jack Fox) / (G) S/Sgt. Arnold M. Thompson / (G) PFC Joseph A Paradiso (Paradise) / No Navigator or Bombardier

 B-25C #41-12442

 (P) Capt. Gustave M. Heiss

(CP) 2nd Lt. Edwin C. Townsend

MacDavitt - S/Sgt. Lionel G. Young  via Bill Beck


      Aircraft was recovered by Charles Darby in 1974.     

 Image Courtesy of Rob Parer

(N) Lt. John Bevan / (B) Sgt. Marlon K. Smith / (E) T/Sgt. Henry J. Snipers / (G) Sgt. James W. Miller / (G) Sgt. Lionel G. Young

B-25C 41-12511

(P) 2nd Lt. Harold V. Maull

(CP) 2nd Lt. Howard B. West

(N) Lt. William Culp / (B) Sgt. O. C. Cook / (E) S/Sgt Cyril A. Moore / (G) Cpl. Francis H. Pryor / (G) Francis M. Fowler

B-25C 41-12441

(P) Capt. Herman F. Lowery

(CP) 2nd Lt. Leland A. Walker

(N) 1st Lt. Joseph M. Bean / (B) T/Sgt. William B. Wherry / (E) Cpl. Hodges K. Rigdon (Regan) / (G) Noah Fresquez / (G) Sgt. David H. Runnager

 B-25C 41-124555

 (P) 1st Lt. Bennett G. Wilson

 (CP) 2nd Lt. John J. Keeter

(N) Lt. E. T. Tisonyai

 (B) T/Sgt. Luther D. Word

 M/Sgt. Firman S. Adams


 (N) Lt. E. T. Tisonyai / (B) T/Sgt. Luther D. Word / (E) S/Sgt. Kenneth W. Gatewood / (G) Sgt. Jimmy D. Morris / (G) Cpl. Stephen L. Taylor

 * It must be noted that M/Sgt. Firman S. Adams is listed as Line Chief & flew to Del Monte on this aircraft. It has been indicated to me by George F. Moon, Crew Chief with the HQ, 89th & 13th Squadrons, that M/Sgt. Adams forced his way onto this flight and that it created a resentment between Gatewood & Adams which was related to Sgt. Moon by S/Sgt. Gatewood.

  B-25 41-12472

 (P) 2nd Lt. Malcolm E. Peterson

 (CP) 2nd Lt. James H. Mangan

(B) S/Sgt. John P. Butler


 (N) Lt. Hansom / (B) S/Sgt. John P. Butler / (E) Sgt. Norman H. Salles / (G) Cpl. M.S. Whismett ( Whinsett ) / (G) Sgt. Lawrence H. Cooper

 B-25C 41-12443

(P) 1st Lt. James R. Smith

(CP) 2nd Lt. Thomas P. Talley

(N) Lt. Grant / (B) M/Sgt. Ray A. Oliver / (E) T/Sgt. Aden L. Simmons / (G) Sgt. Guy E. Clanton / (G) Cpl. Alfred A. Fawe ( Fall )

 B-25C 41-12466

 (P) 1st Lt. John D. Feltham

(CP) 2nd Lt. John R. Linn

 (B) T/Sgt. Melvin E. Owens


(N) Lt. Alfred A. Heyman / (B) T/Sgt. Melvin E. Owens / (E) T/Sgt. Norman L. Cates / (G) Cpl. George H. Nelson / (G) Cpl. Chester L. Hatcher

B-25C 41-12496

(P) 2nd Lt. Ralph L. L. Schmidt

(CP) 2nd Lt. Richard R. Birnn

Started on Philippines Mission from Charters Towers. Upon arrival at RAAF Station Darwin a bad cut cut was discovered on one of the main tires. With no immediate replacement available a decision was made to abort this aircraft from mission. Page 300  Operation Plum

 B-25C Serial # Unknown

(P) 1st Lt. Donald P. Hall

(P) 1st Lt. Christian Petri, Jr.

 Hall & Petri tried to fly a tire to Darwin for Schmidt's B-25 and got lost. Page 300-301  Operation Plum

Some of the crewmen and one of the two B-17s that returned safely to Australia from the Philippines. U.S. Air Force photo

 B-17E  41-2447  ( San Antonio Rose II )

Destroyed on ground at Del Monte #1 April 12, 1942 

(P) Capt. Frank P. Bostrom ( center of photo )

(CP) Lt. Wilson L. Cook

(N) Lt. Harold E. Snider - (B) Lt. Earl Sheggrud - (R) S/Sgt. Kenneth A. Gradle - (AR) PFC Clyde L. Horn - (E) S/Sgt. John C. Haddon

(AE) PFC Herbert M. Wheatley ( Tail Gunner ) - (G) Sgt. Edward Van Every

 B-17E  41-2421

(P) Capt. David G. Rawls

(CP) Unknown

(N) Lt. Robert T. Jones - (B) Unknown - (R) Unknown - (AR) Unknown - (E) Sgt. Robert J. Dunn, Jr. - (AE) Sgt. Robert K. Palmer - (G) Unknown 

Passenger - ( Del Monte to Batchelor Field )  Capt. Frank P. Bostrom

B-17E  41-2486

(P) Capt. Edward C. Teats

(CP) Lt. "Ted" Greene

(N) Lt. Walter E. Seamon - (B) Lt. Stone - (R) Unknown - (AR) Unknown - (E) Sgt. Hopkins (?) - (AE) Unknown - (G) Unknown

Passengers - ( Del Monte to Batchelor Field ) 

Col. Charles A. Backes - Lt. Col. Arthur S. Fischer - Lt. John D. Bulkely - Lt. Harold E. Snider - Lt. Earl Sheggrud - 1st Lt. Howard W. Brown - Lt. P.S. Miller - Pvt. Johnson

Images in this section are from the National Museum of the Air Force unless otherwise noted.

General R. B. Lincoln awarding DSC to Ralph Royce & John H. Davies 

Sydney Morning Herald  April 16, 1942










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