The video was filmed in July 1943 in New York City by Frank Capra (noted Hollywood director) using Edward D. Connor, Bernard V. "Duke" Duclos (Also a Radio/Gunner with the 13th BS) and Wing Commander Keith Hampshire RAAF, who was on his way to England to command 456 Squadron RAF. 

This film was taken in late 1942 at '3 Mile' also known as Kila Kila Aerodrome and the home of the 89th attack Squadron (Douglas A-20s), 3rd Bomb Group, USAAF. The staff car is a 1940 Plymouth. Standing by the right front fender is Captain Robert 'Scout' Lauer, the Squadron armament officer. The pilot shown in the film is William J Beck. The aircraft, 40-109, named the 'Spook' was flown by Captain Ed Larner, before he became Commanding Officer of the 90th Squadron 3rd Bomb Group. He was killed on 30 April when a wing fell off his B-25 Mitchell while landing at Dobodura. The crew chief was Meredith Bryant. The Curtiss P-40 Kittyhawk taking off belonged to the 49th Fighter Group, USAAF; one of their squadrons was also located on 3 Mile. Take off started from the Port Moresby end of the field. Kila Kila hill can be seen in the background. According to official Army records, 40-109 crashed on take-off on January 26, 1943 and the pilot, Lieutenant Williamson, was killed; the gunner returned to duty. Cause of the accident was a tire blow out on take-off.


This video came to me via Lou & Charlie Ladson. Lou Mayo Ladson is the sister of Charley Mayo who flew with the 89th Attack Squadron.

My Dad was there with the 475th Fighter Group stationed at Dobodura. Gary is flying in P-38 #165 of the 432nd´╗┐ Fighter Squadron. I read a Sydney Morning Herald article that Gary and the USO troupe arrived back in Australia 12/18/43. My Dad arrived in Brisbane Australia Feb. 25th 1942 with elements of the 3rd BG on the USS Ancon. He was assigned to the 41st FS, 35th FG at that time. PeaceLoveScoobie