WW II Japanese Aircraft Spotter Cards

Technical Air Investigative Wreck Chasing

Nakajima Ki-43-II Hayabusa (Oscar)

Rebuilt by the 8th Fighter Squadron of the 49th Fighter Group at Hollandia. Please note what appears to be the misspelling of Raccoon.

James J. Drabic Collection

 Mike Signorino Collection


 Ki-46-II  (DINAH)    Hollandia 1944

Mitsubishi A6M3 Type 32 (Zeke) at Eagle Farm - Ernest Santariello Collection

Courtesy of Jamie Steele  National Warplane Museum

Ki-43-1  (OSCAR)   Brisbane, Australia 

 Type O A6M3  (HAMP)  Brisbane, Australia



 Ki-45 (Nick)