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A-24 Mission to Gona, July 29,1942

Five of seven A-24s were shot down during an attack on Japanese transports 20 miles north of Gona on July 29, 1942. Another aircraft, piloted by Lt John Hill, was badly damaged and Gunner Sgt Sam died later of wounds. Only one of the seven aircraft which participated in the attack return undamaged. At least 5 of the crashed airmen survived (four wounded) and joined a group lead by Lt Smith (ANGAU) and including Rev Benson and two mission woman from Gona. This group was betrayed by natives and attacked. All were murdered except for Rev Benson who was sent as POW to Rabaul. The bodies of three executed American airmen were recovered near Dobudura No 2 in March 1943.

A-24 41-15???

8th BS

Lost July 29, 1942

2nd Lt Joseph C PARKER (POW/KIA), 8th BS

Sgt Franklyn R HOPPE (POW/KIA), 8th BS

(See A-24 Mission to Gona, July 29,1942)

Parker was reported wounded in the leg and Gunner Frank Hoppe wounded in the hand. Parker’s body was recovered and is buried in grave L.1.95 at Manilla American Cemetery. Hoppe is not listed on ABMC and his body was probably recovered.

A-24 41-15???

8th BS

Lost July 29, 1942

2nd Lt Claude L DEAN (POW/KIA), 8th BS

Sgt Allan W LA ROCQUE (POW/KIA), 8th BS

(See A-24 Mission to Gona, July 29,1942)

Dean and La Rocque are not listed on ABMC and their bodies were probably recovered.

A-24 41-15???

8th BS

Lost July 29, 1942

1st Lt Robert E CASSELS (MIA), 8th BS

Sgt Loree L LE BOEUF (MIA), 8th BS

(See A-24 Mission to Gona, July 29,1942)

Cassels and Le Boeuf are still missing.

A-24 41-15819

8th BS

Lost July 29, 1942

Capt Virgil A SCHWAB (MIA), 8th BS

Sgt Philip H CHILDS (MIA), 8th BS

(See A-24 Mission to Gona, July 29,1942)

Schwab and Childs are still missing.

A-24 41-15797

8th BS

Lost July 29, 1942

Maj Floyd W ROGERS (MIA/KIA), 8th BS

Cpl Robert E NICHOLS (MIA/KIA), 8th BS

(See A-24 Mission to Gona, July 29,1942)

Shot down by Zeros during an attack on Japanese transports 20 miles north of Gona. Crashed into sea. Pilot Rogers and Gunner Nichols killed. Bodies not recovered.

A-24 41-15???

8th BS

Damaged July 29, 1942

2nd Lt John M. HILL (survived), 8th BS

Sgt Ralph SAM (DOW), 8th BS

(See A-24 Mission to Gona, July 29,1942)

This aircraft was damaged and Sgt Sam severely wounded. Hill diverted to Gurney Airfield, Milne Bay to get emergency treatment for Sgt Sam before returning to 7-Mile Drome Port Moresby. Sgt Sam died from his wounds on August 2, 1942.

A-24 41-15798

8th BS

Lost Apr 7, 1942

1st Lt Henry G SWARTZ (MIA), 8th BS


Missing from attack on LAE Aerodrome. Bodies not recovered.


B-25C 41-12980 "Geronimo"

8th BS

Lost Jun 21, 1943

1st Lt Harlan L. REID (POW/KIA), 8th BS

Capt Raymond A TABB (POW/KIA), 8th BS

Sgt Ray E SMITH (POW/KIA), 8th BS

Cpl Robert L LEMONS (KIA)

Missing between Dobodura and Cape Gloucester.

Natives reported that a 2 engined American plane came down off SIO Island around Sep/Oct 43. Four crew came ashore. One, the wireless operator [Lemons], was wounded with gunshots to the knee and groin. The plane was hit by AA over Kalasa, turned back to SIO and went down after flying up the coast to Kiary. The wounded man was put up in the bush and the other three walked up the coast toward Madang. One drowned crossing the BOMA river and the other two returned to SIO where they contacted the natives. The wounded man was treated and the others stayed to rest and repair their footwear. Japanese from Nambariwa came and took them prisoner to Nambariwa. The natives thought the wounded man was killed or died at Nambariwa [grave later located and Lemons’ body recovered] and the others sent as PW to Madang.


B-25D 41-30345

8th BS

Lost Aug 28, 1943

1st Lt Robert B WIDENER (MIA/KIA), 8th BS

2nd Lt Bernard LAZARUS (MIA/KIA), 8th BS

Sgt James W LEFLER (MIA/KIA), 8th BS

Sgt Francis M MONAHAN (MIA/KIA), 8th BS

Hit by bomb blast of preceding plane while attacking an enemy ship on Hansa Bay, New Guinea. Crashed into Hansa Bay.


A-20G 42-54102

8th BS

Lost Mar 5, 1944

1st Lt Richard GREENHALGH (MIA), 8th BS

SSgt Warren D BELL WARREN (MIA), 8th BS

SSgt Robert F KRAEGER (MIA), 8th BS

On combat mission to YALAU Plantation. Squadron became separated in bad weather. Several aircraft returned to base but 42-54102 not seen after take off. Searchers later that day thought they saw two men in khaki on narrow beach east of BUSA River. There was also sighting of a possible parachute on east shore of BUSA River about 200 yards inland.


B-25 Unknown

8th BS

Lost July 4, 1943

Capt Ralph C PAYNE (MIA/KIA), 8th BS

Capt Richard G RUBY (MIA/KIA), 8th BS




Lost in bad weather between Australia and New Guinea.


B-25D 41-30526

8th BS

Lost Aug 18, 1943

1st Lt Richard C HENRICH (POW/MIA), 8th BS

2nd Lt Robert W SHEPHERD (MIA), 8th BS

SSgt Donald W HUEMPFNER (MIA), 8th BS

Cpl Richard J MCCARTHY (POW/MIA), 8th BS

Shot down on mission to Wewak. An 18 HQ Japanese Army memo indicated that an American Lt & Cpl from this aircraft were captured and sent to Wewak. (Probably Lt HENRICH & Cpl McCARTHY)


A-20G 43-9406

8th BS

Lost June 17, 1944

1st Lt Milton T KELLUM (MIA/KIA), 8th BS

SSgt Harry K HINKLE (MIA/KIA), 8th BS

Reported to have crashed 1.5 Kms from beach at Moemi, DNG. Eyewitness states crew burned in crash, bodies recovered and buried near wreckage. S/L Rundle unable to locate wreckage because of heavy undergrowth.


A-20G 43-9395

8th BS

Lost June 17, 1944

2nd Lt Charles W FICK (MIA), 8th BS

Sgt Edward C RYAN (MIA), 8th BS

Aircraft engaged in attack on Babo Aerodrome. Seen by crews of accompany aircraft to make controlled landing on water near Vintini Bay some distance from Cape Kabarisi. Crew reported to have reached land but natives claim the only airmen captured in this area were Australians MOODY and AITCHESON




B-25C 41-12499 "Boomerang"

13th BS

Lost: Aug 25, 1942

Capt James L ORR (MIA/KIA), 13th BS

1st Lt Charles V BERDINE (MIA/KIA), 13th BS

1st Lt Mark P HUBERT (MIA/KIA), 13th BS

1st Lt Norman K MILLER (MIA/KIA), 13th BS

Sgt Nelson A BOYD (MIA/KIA), 13th BS


Failed to return from bombing mission on shipping in Milne Bay. Crew in other aircraft reported seeing a large flash near the target area.


B-25C 41-12462

13th BS

Lost: May 23, 1942

1st Lt Henry A KEEL (POW/KIA), 13th BS

1st Lt Durward R REED (MIA/KIA), 13th BS

T/Sgt George H BENGEL (MIA/KIA), 13th BS

Sgt Danforth E WILKINS (MIA/KIA), 13th BS

Cpl Louis MURPHY (Survived), 13th BS


Ditched at sea off Lae after right engine was knocked out in attack by eight Zeros. All survived and grouped around life raft. Four Zeros began staffing them. Pilot KEEL ordered the group to split up and swim in different directions to reduce target size. Cpl Louis MURPHY made it ashore and was rescued. He didn't see any of the crew again but thought they survived the staffing. He could still here them yelling to each other.

Body X-164, Finschhafen (recovered from Matupi, Rabaul) found with Keel's dogtags. Dental charts were sent to AGRS for ID. DNA samples were supplied by relatives; still waiting for results (Aug 2007).

Japanese OKABE Noahei stated that in May 1942 a NORTH AMERICAN aircraft ditched about 10 Kms E of Lokanau. Four airmen survived and left the aircraft in a rubber dinghy; W/O KABA was sent to capture the airmen which he did before they reached land and brought them back to OKABE's HQ. One was injured, sustaining fractures to his left side. He was tended to by Medical Lt FUKUDA. Two of the airmen were Lts and the other two were Sgts; One of the Sgts was Australian [Sgt Thomas MARSH 411504, RAAF]. W/O ICHIMURA was sent from LAE to SALAMAUA the same day and he escorted the prisoners back to LAE. OKABE doesn't know what happened to them after that but thought they were sent to RABAUL

B-25D 41-30212

13th BS

Lost Nov 2, 1943

1st Lt John CUNNINGHAM (KIA), 13th BS

2nd Lt Charles R THOMAS (KIA), 13th BS

SSgt Edward L KEARNEY (KIA), 13th BS

SSgt John A MANCONI (KIA), 13th BS

Crashed a few miles from Kokopo (Rabaul) on 2 Nov 1943. All crew were killed in the crash. The Japanese took all watches money and ID and left the bodies to rot; the natives were forbidden to bury them. Catholic Sisters visited the site twice in late Nov early Dec 1943 and buried the bodies in their cemetery near Takabur. One body had a tag "C Linn THOMAS 282. In case of accident or death notify Lou B Winsor, Grand Secretary, Reed City, Mich. USA". Rev. Joseph Lemarre wrote to Lou Winsor but received no answer. He received a letter from Mrs John CUNNINGHAM who said her husband was the pilot of the aircraft

Partial remains from wreckage with ID tags KEARNEY and remains recovered from Takubar by Aus Army War Gaves were reburied Rabaul graves ZA 4-8 and later handed over to 2nd Lt Wyman American Graves Registration Base Fox at Finschhafen.


A-20G 42-86618

13th BS

Lost Mar 12, 1944

1st Lt James L SCARLOTT (MIA/KIA), 13th BS

SSgt George D HENDERSON (KIA), 13th BS

SSgt Daniel G O'CONNELL (KIA), 13th BS

Failed to return to Nadzab after a mission to Boram, Wewak. Wreckage was located by Lt A.G. Liguigan three miles NW of Japaraka village 20 miles out of Wewak and ID'd by S/L Rundle in Feb 1948. The incomplete remains for Henderson and O’Connell were recovered and passed to AGRS Finschhafen. Re-discovered by a native in Oct 1969. Visited by F/L Streeter (DFS) in May 1970 - human remains were found in three separate areas and a gold bracelet with Scarlott’s name on it was also found. The additional remains were returned to the USA. Scarlott is still listed as MIA. SSgt O'Connell is buried in grave H.15.144 Manilla American Cemetery.


A-20G 42-86625

13th BS

Lost Mar 12, 1944

2nd Lt Vernal J BIRD (MIA), 13th BS

SSgt Roy F DAVIS (MIA), 13th BS

Lost on mission to Boram, Wewak.

A-20G 43-21327

13th BS

Lost June 22, 1944

1st Lt Walter A RIORDAN (MIA), 13th BS

Sgt Stanley D EMMICK (MIA), 13th BS

Lost on attack on Noemfoor Island.


A-20G 43-9382

13th BS

Lost July 2, 1944

1st Lt Saul SCHWARTZ (MIA), 13th BS

SSgt Charles A MOORE (MIA), 13th BS

Lost on attack on Kamiri area Noemfoor Island in preparation for Allied landing.


B-25C  41-12485

MIA  January 18, 1943

13th BS

Pilot  Major William G. Benn,
Co-Pilot  Major Donn C. Young
Engineer  Cpl LaVerne D. Van Dyke
Gunner  Sgt Wilfred D. Coyer
Gunner  Sgt Herman H. Elsner
Gunner  S/Sgt Michael Ewas
Observer  Lt Col. Dan B. Searcy

Major Donn C. Young


A-20G-20-DO  42-86616  
5th AF
3rd BG
13th BS

Pilot  1st Lt. William T. Pearson, O-795445 (MIA / KIA) NY
Gunner  M/Sgt Donald N. Gamage, 11050806 (MIA / KIA) MA
Crashed  February 15, 1944 at 10:00am
MACR  16315

Took off from Nadzab Airfield to attack shipping in Kavieng Harbor. Over the target, this A-20 was reportedly damaged by a bursting bomb dropped by proceeding plane. Observed after departing the target with the right engine on fire and the propeller feathered. Crash around 10:00am at approximately 35 miles SSW of Kavieng. The plane was observed to cartwheel and break into three pieces when making a water landing. The pieces sank within three minutes, with no apparent survivors. Other A-20s circled the crash twice before departing.

A-20G-20-DO  42-86728
5th AF
3rd BG
13th BS

Pilot  2nd Lt. Sam L. Norris, O-677419 (MIA / KIA) TX
Gunner  S/Sgt Michael P. Schussman, 36189953 (MIA / KIA) MI
Photographer  S/Sgt Lewis B. Conser, 19024398 (MIA / KIA) CA




A-20A ?

89th BS

Lost Sep 11, 1942

1st Lt Charles S BROWN (survived), 89th BS

Cpl Leslie D HERBERT (MIA), 8th BS

Aircraft was hit by AA fire during an attack on a LMG position (at Goodenough Island?). With the aircraft badly damaged Lt Brown was unable to return to base and was forced to crash land (at sea?). Lt Brown suffered only a slight head injury but Cpl Herbert was lost.


A-20A 40-170 "Minnie Ha Ha / Cleo III"

89th BS

Lost: March 26, 1943

Capt Donald E. GOOD (survived)

SSgt Joseph FOX (POW/KIA), 89th BS

Pvt William M. RAMSEY (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

SSgt FOX and Pvt RAMSEY bailed out of 89BS A20 A/C piloted by Capt Donald E GOOD. Fox and Ramsey were seen swimming in water with Mae Wests. Pilot crash landed A/C in friendly territory and returned. ATIS Captured document #3148 Report of interrogation of RAAF F/L Newton (VC) and F/Sgt Lyon also contained interrogation of “US S/Sgt Fox, 89 Squadron, Member of crew A20 shot down LAE 26 March 43”. Fox was captured by Japanese Army troops (SUMIDANI Force 41 Rgt) on 27 March 43 at Malolo, north of Salamaua. He was transferred to LAE on 30 Mar - the day after NEWTON was executed - and was probably executed later along with Lyon. Ramsey most likely failed to make it to shore.


A-20G 42-86727

89th BS

Lost June 19, 1944

1st Lt Albert F BURKE (MIA), 89th BS

SSgt Adolphus T CLEMENTS (MIA), 89th BS

Hit by A/A fire over Kamiri Drome on Noemfoor Island. Aircraft seen to crash into sea and explode about a mile off shore. One crew member baled out before the crash and his parachute was seen to  open. The survivor was seen in water half a mile offshore still alive. The rescue Gardenia One was informed but due to a misunderstanding in directions failed to reach the crash site.


A-20A  40-155
89th BS
Lost 11/16/194                                                                                                                                                                            

Pilot   2nd Lt. Francis C. Pruitt, O-442230 (MIA / KIA)
Crew  2nd Lt. Cornelius F. O'Leary, O-649101(MIA / KIA)
Crew  S/Sgt Roger S. Martin, 11014927(MIA / KIA)
Crew  S/Sgt Roland C. Noyes, Jr., 18010733 (MIA / KIA)

Went missing on a delivery flight from Cairns to Port Moresby




B-25C 41-12981

90th BS

Lost May 22, 1943

1st Lt Roy J MOORE (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

1st Lt Donald L SCOTT (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

SSgt Bennie ESTEP (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

Pfc Clifford O GOVIER (MIA/KIA), 13th BS

Departed Dobodura for attack on Lae airfield and shipping in the harbor. Not seen again.


B-25C 41-12448

90th BS

Lost: May 25, 1942

1st Lt John E HESSELBARTH (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

1st Lt Joseph W FERGUSON (MIA/KIA), 8th BS

T/Sgt Ivan M WRIGHT (MIA/KIA), 89th BS

Cpl George E THIGPIN (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

Cpl Hugh W DOUGLAS (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

Cpl Albert H SMITH (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

Part of a flight of eight Mitchells from the 13th Bomb Squadron and the 90th Bomb Squadron of the 3rd Bomb Group that attacked Lae on the 25 May 1942. Shot down by enemy fighters after bombing Lae.


B-25C 41-12450

90th BS

Lost: May 25, 1942

1st Lt Bennett G WILSON (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

1st Lt Luther P SMITH (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

T/Sgt Luther B WORD (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

Cpl Leaburn D MYERS (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

Cpl Henry R SHEPPARD (MIA/KIA), 90th BS


Shot down while engaged in a bombing mission on Lae airdrome.


B-25C 41-12470

90th BS

Lost: July 26, 1942

1st Lt Ralph L SCHMIDT (KIA), 90th BS


T/Sgt Robert L BARLOW (KIA), 90th BS

Cpl Walter N COOK JR (KIA), 90th BS

Cpl Richard M WALLACE (KIA), 90th BS

Enroute to attack on flying boats at Gasmata, NG, aircraft was attacked by enemy fighters and shot down approx 40 miles NW of Buna. Seen by accompanying aircraft to crash and burn. Bodies reported as recovered. RAAF P/O Edward T MOBSBY 407799 reburied in grave A7.B.26 Bomana War Cemetery on Nov 24, 1946.


B-25C 41-12487 "Miss Snafu"

90th BS

Lost: May 15, 1943

1st Lt Nelson P INGRAM (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

2nd Lt John A KEY (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

SSgt Walter F CLIFFORD (MIA/KIA), 13th BS

SSgt Redus W HARRELL (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

Took off on a night attack against Lae, the approach being from the Markham Valley to Huon Gulf. It is thought that this B-25 might have crashed on the seaward end of Lae Airfield.


B-25C 41-12491

90th BS

Lost: May 23, 1942

1st Lt Wesley E. DICKINSON (survived)

2nd Lt Theodore G. WUERPEL (KIA), 90th BS

J. A. WEBB (survived)


Cpl Richard M. HALEY (MIA), 90th BS

Cpl Earl R. SEVENE (KIA), 90th BS

Attacked by Zero while returning to Port Moresby after a bombing mission to Lae Airdrome. Wuerpel and Sevene were killed in the air. The others bailed out. Dickinson and Webb escaped. Gibson and Haley were not found. Rev James Benson of Gona met Lt Dickinson, captain of the plane, who survived the crash. He had put the plane on auto pilot heading out to sea and ordered crew to bale out. He baled out and saw the plane turn around toward him, head inland and crash into the bush. Natives looked for wreckage but never found it.


B-25C 41-12884

90th BS

Lost: Mar 27, 1943

1st Lt James L HUGHES (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

1st Lt Walter D WEEKS JR (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

SSgt William E BYRKETT (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

TSgt Charlton S NORTON (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

Lost during attack on shipping in LAE Harbor.


B-25C 41-12982

90th BS

Lost Nov 16, 1942

2nd Lt Richard O YEAGER (KIA), 90th BS

2nd Lt Adelino D FLORES (KIA), 90th BS

1st Lt Archibald LINDSAY (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

SSgt John L HILL (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

SSgt Norbert W PANSIER (KIA), 90th BS

SSgt Alexander J BAGGENSTOSS (KIA), 90th BS

On strike mission to Buna, New Guinea. Aircraft was seen falling in flames after a direct hit in right wing gas tank by enemy AA over Buna Mission. Ground troops found plane with 4 bodies (YEAGER, FLORES, BAGGENSTOSS and PANSIER) but SSgt Hill and Lt Lindsay were never found. Pilot Lt Richard Yeager.


B-25D 41-29706

90th BS

Lost Dec 20, 1942

1st Lt Donald K EMERSON (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

1st Lt Lloyd C MILLER (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

TSgt Paul R ERVIN (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

SSgt Albert BELCHER (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

SSgt Ernest R FANTA (POW/KIA), 90th BS

SSgt Everett E WALKER (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

Sgt Donald D RUTH (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

Sgt Richard H ST SAUVEUR (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

Sgt Stephen L TAYLOR (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

Pfc Delmar A KLEMMER (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

Pvt William S VIDMAR (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

Departed Charters Towers. Disappeared during bad weather in Coral Sea approximately 70 miles north off Osprey Reef and 140 mile from Australia. Note: NAA records do not include pilot Donald Emerson.

All on board declared dead on 20 December 1942 (date of loss). No bodies recovered. SSgt Fanta listed as POW in the “Reaper’s Harvest”.


B-25D 41-30532

90th BS

Lost Feb 1, 1944

1st Lt Walter R GERRY (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

1st Lt Angelo C DELLISANTE (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

Capt Rudolph W JOHNSON JR (MIA/KIA), HQ Sqn 27 Air Depot Grp

Capt Lamar S RUSSELL (MIA/KIA), HQ 3rd BG

SSgt Jack E BEALS (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

SSgt Marvin E CULBRETH (MIA/KIA), 13th BS

SSgt Charlie L FANN (MIA/KIA), 13th BS

SSgt Raymond F GREENE (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

SSgt Milton S MILLER (MIA/KIA), 13th BS

Sgt Harold B DAVIS (MIA/KIA), 13th BS

Cpl Edward R HOWARD (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

Lost in bad weather on a flight from Dobodura to Port Moresby. Wreckage located 30 Apr 1961.


A-20G 42-86730

90th BS

Lost Mar 12, 1944

2nd Lt Allan W GARLICK (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

SSgt Edward A ADAMS (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

Sgt George A NEWCOMB (KIA), 90th BS

Departed NADZAB for strike on WEWAK. Last contact by radio: “just south SEPIK river, engine vibrating badly - governor out”. Pilot feathered the engine and was instructed to fly course 135 degs to DUMPU and 120 degs from then on. Not heard from again.

In Aug 1970, Rev Davis Schendall discovered wreckage on Mt Shrader, 120 miles W of Madang. US Army requested RAAF assistance in investigation. A patrol visited the area in late Sept 1970 and recovered three bodlies and ID tag for Lt GARLICK. No ID for other two. Force of impact plus length of time made it impossible to separate the remains.

Sgt Newcomb’s remains are listed as X.232 Honolulu Memorial.


A-20G 43-9118

90th BS

Lost Mar 26, 1944

Capt Glen O RICHARDSON (MIA), 90th BS

SSgt Joseph P CASILLAS (MIA), 90th BS

SSgt Herbert W DIVERS (MIA), 90th BS

Departed NADZAB on strike BUT to AITAPE. Caught in bomb blast while on low level attack on boats near AITAPE. Right wing struck water and landing was made on water 300 yards off shore in YAKAMUL Group. Crew of accompanying aircraft saw one survivor in water.


B-25D 41-30636

90th BS

Lost Sep 27, 1943

1st Lt Keith A MCKEE (MIA), 90th BS

2nd Lt Roland B NELSON (MIA), 90th BS

2nd Lt George W KYLIUS JR (MIA), 90th BS

SSgt Dwight W CARPENTER (MIA), 90th BS

Pvt Joseph GULLI (MIA), 90th BS

Departed HORANDA on bombing mission to WEWAK. Seen to crash into WEWAK HARBOR. Status of all crew DED 14 Jan 46.


B-25 ?

90th BS

May 24, 1943

1st Lt Clifford L WONDERLY (survived), 90th BS

SSgt Lyle W CROVISIER (MIA), 90th BS

SSgt James F LOTT (survived), 90th BS

“Pilots from the 90th flew into a storm while searching for an enemy submarine near Oro Bay. All landed safely except for Lt Wonderly who encountered severe icing and steadily lost altitude. Both gunners jumped at the bailout command and as the pilots were preparing to jump, they flew out of the storm into clear skies. SSgt Lott, bailed into a blizzard and hiked several days until reaching Moresby. SSgt Lyle Crovisier never returned.” (Hist, Third Bombardment Group (Light), 1 January 1942 to 31 March 1944, p. 55)


B-25  #
90th BS
Lost December 5, 1942

1st Lt Charles L. Richards                Pilot
2nd Lt Robert F. "Ruby" Keeler        Co-Pilot
Sgt Edward Ayres                             Bombardier
Cpl Howard R. Benson                      Radio Gunner
Sgt. James A. Carter                        Turret Gunner

Night Mission Against Lae

90th Squadron Diary

“Dec 5 - 12 of the 90th crews awakened at 2 AM for a night bombing of Lae . . . . Capt Dickinson, Lt. Richards, Lt Moose Johnson, Lt. Hawkins, Capt. Red Johnson, Lt. McCoun, Lt. McNutt, Lt. Jones, Lt. Smallwood, Lt. Crosswhite, Lt. Hosback, and Lt. Howe..... The night was dark, slightly overcast, the red light at the end of runway obscured . On take off, Lt. Richards hit a tree 300 yds from the end of the runway , tore off a wing, and careened into the ground, it immediately blew up, 4 100 pounders going off...the rest of the flight took off thru the smouldering embers . . . by Buna, severe thunderstorms, poor visibility, and the hopelessness of the mission in the first place, brought about the short message to all ships . .. . "All ships turn back "


Information regarding Lt. Richards via Edward Rogers

A-20G 43-21414
90th BS
Lost June 19, 1944

1st Lt Leonard T DUVAL (survived), 90th BS
S/Sgt James E FOXWORTH (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

Left engine knocked out and right engine damaged during attack on Waren Airdrome, New Guinea. Pilot Duval crash landed on water approx 4 miles off Mios Noem Island. Duval escaped from the aircraft but SSgt Foxworth went down with the plane.


B-25  #
90th BS
Lost July 23, 1943

Capt. Oscar L. Wertz
2nd Lt. Charles J. Houser
2nd Lt. Glenn J. Maddox
S/Sgt. Jack R. Keith
S/Sgt. Walter J. Kennedy

Aircraft was reported MIA after it was observed crashing after a bombing mission on enemy barges near Hanische Harbor - Huon - Gulf PNG

After Allied troops took the area of the crash, the aircraft & remains of the aircraft were discovered changing the status from MIA to KIA.

B-25D 41-29731 "Lil De Icer"

90th BS

Lost Oct 30, 1942

1st Lt Robert F MILLER (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

1st Lt Francis H FREY (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

SSgt Oscar H BIDDLE (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

SSgt Harvel D BROWN (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

SSgt Thomas D GOODMAN (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

SSgt Robert SMALL (MIA/KIA), 90th BS

Crashed at Myola, New Guinea on an armed reconnaissance flight. All crew declared dead on Dec 20, 1945. Crash site visited by American authorities in 1988, 1991 and 2001. Some remains recovered.