The 3rd Bombardment Group (L) was stationed at Savannah Army Air Base when war was declared on the Empire of Japan December 8, 1941. Elements of the Group were participating in the Carolina Maneuvers of November 1941. All participants were recalled to Savannah at this time. In particular, the 13th Squadron was posted to Daniel Field in Georgia, where it underwent intensive training in bombing and gunnery. Upon returning to Savannah, Georgia, the squadron continued combat training, plus flew antisubmarine patrols along the Atlantic Coast. Orders soon directed the 3d Group and its squadrons to move to the Pacific Theater for combat. The Group was comprised of Headquarters, Headquarters Squadron ( Flying element ), 8th Bombardment Squadron, 13th Bombardment Squadron, 89th Bombardment Squadron (redesignated from 10th Recon Squadron on14 August 1941), 90th Bombardment Squadron. The Group would depart Savannah and journey to Oakland, Ca. arriving on January 23, 1942. They would depart on January 31, 1942 for Australia arriving at Brisbane on February 25, 1942.