The 3rd Bombardment Group (L) arrived in Australia on February 25, 1942 and were encamped at Ascot Park – Brisbane for approximately 10 days.     The Group consisted of the Headquarters, 8th, 13th, 89th & 90th Squadrons. They departed for Charters Towers by train in early March. (It is to be noted that a large number of the personnel of the 89th & 8th Squadrons ( Engineers, Gunners, Armament, etc. ) stayed in Townsville for anywhere from 15 days to a month helping the 19th Bombardment Group in servicing their remaining B-17s.)


Charters Towers Express

June 20, 1942  Lord Gowrie visiting Charters Towers


The girl's dormitory at the college was first proposed by Col. Davies as the site for the club.

( The 27th Reports )

26 Aland Street





Although the house has been remodeled significantly since 1942, this is the address that was taken over by the 3rd Bomb Group for its first "Third Slug" Officers Club.The house next door, 28 Aland Street, has been mistaken for the club' site, but its 1942 occupant, Margaret Brooker, still resides there and assures everyone that she can still remembers the officers using 26 Aland Street when she was a child.

 Gus Breymann

 Robert G. Ruegg Collection

Edward D. Connor

.50 Machine Gun Mount in nose of wrecked B-25. Edward Connor who came over as a radio operator with the HQ Squadron remembers practicing on this platform after his assignment to the 13th Squadron. The 1943 map below indicates a machine gun range just west of the North - South runway. It must also be noted that on the 1944 map that the Bore Sight Range appears to be in the same location as the Machine Gun Range.

Strickland - Davies Quarters

 Jack Heyn & Wallaby

 Francis G. Patnaude Collection

 Francis G. Patnaude Collection

 DUCK CAMP - Information regarding photos provided by John P. Jewell

 Francis G. Patnaude Collection

 HQ Kitchen Staff - M/Sgt. O. C. Powell in Middle

 Richard L. Walker via Jack Heyn

 ID Needed via Bill Beck

 Davies - Lowery - Walker

 13th BS Mess Hall

 Sgt. Vance  -  Lt. Ruegg

Lt. Walker  -  Lt. Ruegg


 Jack Heyn

  Jack Heyn

 Gill Street via Frank Patnaude

 8th Bomb Squadron  Pilots & Gunners

One of the Guys via Norman Storlie

Peterson & Heiss - Beaufighter visiting Charters Towers

General Brett decorating the 3rd BG at Charters Towers via The Ruegg Family

 B-25D  " Iroquois " 41-29738

 3rd BG over Australia 13th Squadron NIP CLIPPER - Bill Swain

 Jack Heyn

 8th Squadron October 29, 1942

Unknown via Arch Fraley Collection



M/Sgt. Melvin E. Owens

Captain W.F. Boot, CO of the ML Det Archerfield, organised the transition training of pilots of the 3rd Bomb Group. The photograph was taken at Charters Towers probably in May-June 1942 when Boot was posted as a liaison officer with the 3rd Bomb Group.

( Alexander Evanoff Collection, via Edward Rogers)  

Early NAA B-25C Mitchells of the ML/KNIL,
February 1942-June 1942

By Dr. P.C. Boer (© P.C. Boer, September 2009)


The link above clearly tells how the 3rd Bombardment Group received their initial B-25s from the Dutch. The perception of how they were stolen from the Dutch doesn't appear to hold much water, if I am reading this correctly. Edward Rogers provided information to Dr. Boer in this article and says he is a superb researcher who is completely valid.






1954-55 via Noel Tunny

2008 - Gus Breymann

 2008 - Gus Breymann

 2008 - Gus Breymann

 2012 - John Jewell

 Ken Deneen

 John Jewell

 Bill Henderson & Friend

 Bill Henderson - Gus Breymann - Brian Beveridge

35th Service Group

The 35th Service Group was originally activated at Barksdale Field as the 35th Air Base Group on August 25, 1940.  It moved with the 3rd & 27 BGs to Savannah, Georgia. It went to Australia upon the 3rd BGs move and was redesignated the 35th Service Group. It should be noted that one of its squadrons - the 47th Materiel Squadron was at Brisbane to assemble the A-20As from Savannah. This is according to George F. Moon who had served with the HQ Squadron from 1939 as an aircraft mechanic. Soon after arriving at Charters Towers, he was assigned to the 89th Squadron and to the 13th Squadron in 1943 after the 89th had moved to 3 Mile at Port Moresby.

 Bore Sight Range

Compass Swing Pad

 Charters Towers Race Course

 Mt. Carmel College

Regent Theater

Theater Royal

Charters Towers - Rubbish dumping near the airstrip parking area

Workshop concrete pad at Breddan
Images via Matt Denning

 Charters Towers Videos from the Jim Larronde Home Movies

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