WW II Japanese Aircraft Spotter Cards

Technical Air Investigative Wreck Chasing

Nakajima Ki-43-II Hayabusa (Oscar)

Rebuilt by the 8th Fighter Squadron of the 49th Fighter Group at Hollandia. Please note what appears to be the misspelling of Raccoon.

James J. Drabic Collection

 Ki-46-II  (DINAH)    Hollandia 1944

 Mike Signorino Collection


Mitsubishi A6M3 Type 32 (Zeke) at Eagle Farm - Ernest Santariello Collection

Courtesy of Jamie Steele  National Warplane Museum

Ki-43-1  (OSCAR)   Brisbane, Australia 

 Type O A6M3  (HAMP)  Brisbane, Australia



 Ki-45 (Nick)